iPhone repairs by Apple Authorised Technicians whether in or out of warranty.

Our experienced technicians will diagnose any issues you may have with your iPhone. If the display is cracked or the battery isn’t retaining it’s charge, we can replace them and we’ll use only genuine Apple parts to get it back up and running again.

All iPhone repairs include the running of Apple’s diagnostics to check that all components in your iPhone are functioning correctly before we return it to you.

Please fill in the contact form on our Contact Us page or email info@group8.com if you would like to arrange an appointment to drop your iPhone into us.


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Pre-Service Checklist and Fees

Please ensure your device is backed up before bringing it in for repair. Also, it’s important that you disable the “Find My” feature in your iCloud settings. If your device is inoperable, this can be done by logging into your iCloud account online and removing the device in the “Find my iPhone” section.

Our Fees

We charge a diagnosis fee of £35 excl VAT for out of warranty repairs.

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Price Guide (all prices are excl VAT)

Model Display Battery Whole Unit Replacement
iPhone SE (3rd gen) £164 £73 £315
iPhone 6S, 7 £172 £73 £296
iPhone 8 £172 £73 £343
iPhone 7 Plus £179 £73 £343
iPhone 8 Plus £179 £73 £343
iPhone X, XS £289 £85 £549
iPhone XS Max, 11/12/13 Pro Max £344 £84 £597
iPhone XR, 11 £209 £84 £343
iPhone 11 Pro £289 £84 £549
iPhone 12/13 mini £246 £84 £343
iPhone 12/13 £289 £84 £408
iPhone 12/13 Pro £289 £84 £549
iPhone 14/15 £289 £91 £549
iPhone 14/15 Plus £344 £91 £595
iPhone 14/15 Pro £344 £91 £635
iPhone 14/15 Pro Max £379 £91 £679
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If your Mac does break down, these are the people to use. Their customer service is brilliant and quick to respond to emails. The shipping box was really study and their mail service is great.

They did a really good job at fixing my laptop. I would strongly recommend this company

Charles Treve


Book a Collect & Return Repair

We can collect from and deliver back to any UK Post Code – it doesn’t even have to be the same address for both. We supply bespoke packaging as part of the service and insurance is included. Our dedicated logistics team are available if you have any queries either before collection or during the Collect & return process.

All Collect & Return repairs include a comprehensive check once the repair is complete. Not only will we work to resolve the issue that has been reported, we will run Apple diagnostics to examine your Apple product’s hardware to ensure it’s healthy and in full working order.

We’ll keep you in the loop throughout the repair process.

Cost of Service (excl VAT)

MacBook (all models) with Applecare £0.00
Mac (all models) without Applecare £30
iPhone £25

Out of Warranty Repairs or Warranty repairs where no fault is found, will incur a £35.00 (ex VAT) diagnosis fee.

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